What is Cenitrol Fit?

Cenitrol Fit is an innovative diet gum with two bi-layered formula that assures quick release of ingredients in the mouth. This unique gum promotes effective weight management and limits snack intake with the help of green coffee extract, green tea extract, L-carnitine, and chromium.



Each piece of Cenitrol Fit contains:


Proven to burn fat and reduce bodyweight by up to 2.5kg over 60 days.


Shown to reduce food intake appetite and cravings for fatty foods.


Plays an important role in aiding metabolism particularly of carbohydrates.


Repeatedly found to aid weight loss via fat burning and reducing the bodys absorption of fats.


Has been shown to increase fat burning and has shown a positive effect in weight loss.

Furthermore the action of chewing gum has frequently been shown in studies to suppress appetite hunger and the desire for snacks – so super-charged Cenitrol Fit is the secret weapon to help you to slim down this season.

- Cenitrol Fit Team


One of the main ingredients in Cenitrol Fit is the world acclaimed Svetol® – an unique green coffee bean extract developed by Naturex and backed by strong clinical evidence that proves its efficacy in weight management and benefit for overall health.

The 9 published scientific studies on Svetol® support its beneficial effects on healthy weight management:

• 10% Body Mass Index Reduction
Clinical study demonstrates 5.7% body weight loss over 2 months supplementation & reduction of BMI by 10%

• Glucose regulation
Pilot study shows Svetol®’s effect on blood sugar levels. Post-prandial glucose level of Svetol® group before and after load: 133mg/dL versus 148mg/dL respectively (Pw0,0,5)

• Fat burning effect: +4% lean mass/fat mass ratio.
Study demonstrates Svetol®’s benefits on fat mass reduction.
The clinical study demonstrates that Svetol® is an effective weight loss solution: you don’t lose water or muscle, it makes you lose fat!

For further information about Svetol®, please visit the official site.

Clinical trial results

In a clinical trial, participants consuming Svetol® saw a reduction in body weight of up to 11 pounds (5 kilos) compared to a 5 pounds (2.4 kilos) among people consuming the placebo.

Without Svetol -5 pounds
With Svetol -11 pounds

What makes Cenitrol Fit so |


Is it possible to lose weight from chewing gum?

Yes! There are several studies showing the effectiveness of loosing weight from the intake of ingredients such as green coffee extract (Svetol®), which you can find in Cenitrol Fit. So it IS possible to lose weight chewing Cenitrol Fit.

What makes Cenitrol Fit so effective?

With the special ingredients of Cenitrol Fit, this chewing gum helps reduce hunger, diminish cravings for sweets, and decrease snack intake.

It’s a powerful blend of special hunger-taming ingredients that work together to help you stay on top of your diet. This means it helps you adjust to stressful situations more effectively and thus produces a “normalizing” effect on your system.

If you’re trying to lose weight, you know all too well that those between-meal hours are the hardest ones in the day. Cenitrol Fit will help make those periods easier to navigate. Besides, it’s a great-tasting, mint-flavored chewing gum–one that doesn’t burden you with unwanted calories. Put some enjoyment into your weight-loss program with Cenitrol Fit.

Need something to hold you until your next meal?

Cenitrol Fit is the only one to stop you from nibbling unconsciously while waiting your next meal. You also burn around 11 calories per hour simply by chewing the gum. If you overeat often, you probably do so because you’re bored, stress out or nervous. you can pop one or two pieces in your mouth the moment your stomach starts growling. It will help curb those hunger pangs and keep you on course to reach your target weight.

Studies indicate that chewing sugar-free gum at 100 chews per minute will raise the metabolic rate by approximately 20%, and someone chewing gum all-day can burn off an equivalent of 11 pounds of a year.

When you can see results of Cenitrol Fit?

Cenitrol Fit has different effect on everyone. Some can start feeling the results from the first day. However, some people may need to wait two weeks.

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